Horror  Hotel is an anthology series featuring  suspense thriller  tales
inspired by
Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  
The tables are turned for "Curly", the gangster, when he
tries to get "Zac", an electronic wizzard, to retrofit a mind
reading tooth invented by Nikola Tesla.
Beauty has a price when a pageant
contestant gets a hold of a charm cut from
Marie Antoinette's guillotine.
A psychotic woman will do anything to
get a hold of her favorite author's
unpublished manuscripts.
An android and her abusive owner plot to kidnap and
sell a well known computer hacker to a less
than desirable group.
When residents at the  Horror Hotel become
suspicious of alien activity, a sci-fi writer becomes
the target.

Two burglars steel the mummified hand of a famous
magician and find out what it means to come up a little
'short handed'.